Cheonan Gold Hill Golf & Wellness
YEAR  2020

‹Cloud 79› is a futuristic resort where the activities of nature, art and leisure wellness coexist in harmony. It is a fairy-tale space where you can enjoy golf, fitness and leisure activities in the outdoor swimming pool during the day and colorful media art at night. In particular, 296 detached houses boasting fairway views are born as interactive media art structures that can easily change the atmosphere of the house to suit the seasons and weather conditions. In addition, the interactive media art building, which can easily change the atmosphere of the house according to the seasons and weather conditions through lighting and projection, represents the future of residential design.

Cloud Nine Clubhouse is a symbol of wellness life, inspired by the symbolic health of ‹Cloud 79›. This is the center of ‹Cloud 79› as a member and guest community, with AU79 restaurant and aurum sauna. Community Lounge is a community space for members of CLOUD79. This is a cafe and library and can also be used as a shared kitchen. It is a multi-purpose media space that can be used as a party space and can be used as a party space, and can be changed to suit the needs and uses of members.

‹Cloud 79› ‘s profit-type management service is a service that manages customers in a profit-type when they are not using single-family homes. Premium management service is a service that manages cleaning, landscaping, outdoor pool, etc. according to the needs of customers, and includes a smart management service. Smart management service is a service that allows customers to remotely manage and use a smartphone app at a minimal cost. Just choose the option you want. There are hundreds of resorts prepared for you. First, after the size and location are determined, the resort is customized according to the category selection.