Hovering Geometry
Collective Museum
YEAR  2013

Ideas hover around in the air and consistently change its shapes. As hovering, the ideas may spot some opportunities or stimulate each other to combine with new ideas. The artist considers the hovering ideas as architecture.

Decisions for their shapes are accumulated and eventually appeared in the form of complete architecture, and in that sense the Collective Museum is a work that attempts to share the architectural output by involving users in the decision making process. A whole is recognized with a variety of information, and the architectural communication is made possible through a system of geometrical symbols in which no one can actually experience. This system of geometrical symbol reproduces what does not yet exist with another illusion, which leads to abstracting the architecture. The architecture of the Collective Museum is seen with abstract multi views and hovering. Then, the architecture that does not exist finally exposes itself in dematerialization. The hovering geometry in the space swims through the space like hallucination.

This work was originally started off with a question, asking, “Can citizens directly participate and build up a museum together?” The Collective Museum is also a media performance, involving the process of reflecting individuals’ decision and building up the museum. The greater the participation, the more elaborate the museum would become. The variety and new directions coming from the group-thinking will then determine the new forms of differentiation and complexity. The participation of the citizens will stimulate creation and variation of the museum, and hence this Collective Museum will eventually be completed on the last day of its exhibition.

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