[Gyeongin Daily] The first 'General Architect' in the Local Government
Interview - Incheon City Seo-gu General Architect, Tesoc Hah, SCALe

[Gyeongin Daily] The first 'General Architect' in the Local Government

Interview - Incheon City Seo-gu General Architect, Tesoc Hah, SCALe

DATE 2019-01-21

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“We will do our best to make ‘Smart Eco City’ where the citizens participate.”

In the beginning of this month, Incheon Seo-gu announced the aspiration of SCALe, the architectural office of Tesoc Hah, who was appointed as the general architect of the western area, while introducing the “general architect” system for the first time in the Incheon area basic autonomous entity.

The general architect is a private expert who plans and advises on the overall spatial environment of the city, such as public architecture design and urban planning. It was first started in Seoul in Korea.

He graduated from the Architectural Association School of Architecture, and qualified the Royal Institute of British Architect (RIBA). Tesoc Hah, who came to Korea in 2005 after living abroad, has been interested in public buildings from this time on.

The value of buildings will be recognized in the future as if National Treasure No.1 is a Sungnyemun, but modern society felt that they did not appreciate the value of public buildings. He also participated in the current Seoul City Hall building. His interest in this architectural contest was highly appreciated.

Tesoc Hah said, “All public buildings can be cultural properties of the future, but I am sorry that I have not seen the buildings at that time.” “To create a building that has the vision of the future, I’m trying, “he said.

He compared the Incheon City Seo-gu to a patchwork, a technique of making large and small cloths. It is said that urban elements of different characteristics such as new cities such as Cheongna International City and Geomdan New Town, old urban centers, industrial complexes and logistics complex coexist.

Tesoc Hah positively assessed the regional characteristics of the West. “I feel that these characteristics are playing separately now, but if I could connect them in harmony, I would have a great synergy effect,” he said.

“In particular, as Gangbuk is becoming more popular among young people than Gangnam, the possibility of utilizing the western city center is unlimited.”

He will serve as a general architect of the West for two years. He has set up a group called ‘Future City Society’ composed of not only architects but also robotics and IoT experts, and he plans to make the West a ‘smart eco-city’.

Ha said, “It is my duty to define and shape the shape of the city that the West pursues, and I will try to make the West a bit smarter and more environmentally friendly during my tenure.”

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