[Korea Policy Reporters] What is the identity of the ship that landed on Hongdae?
<Xyndie> - SCALe

[Korea Policy Reporters] What is the identity of the ship that landed on Hongdae?

<Xyndie> - SCALe

DATE 2013-09-23

[Seoul] One day in September 2013. One of the magical sculptures appeared in Hongdae parking lot. Geometrical structures made up of sharp lines that can not be found with curves can be seen from afar. The cross sections of the triangles to which the line and the line are connected were filled by the whole glass. The shadow of the people overshadowed the window. As the darkness grows, the LED lights embedded in the frame that connects the windows emit gleaming light.

This structure, which can be seen in science fiction movies, is the ‘Xyndie Ticket Lounge’, which reserves specialties of Hongdae. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced on the 12th that Xindie Ticket Lounge, a live performance information information center in Hongdae street, a symbolic attraction of young people’s cultural enjoyment, was open to the public.

In consideration of the fact that the performance information infrastructure is weak in Hongik University neighborhood, which is a symbol of the Korean performance culture, the Ministry of Culture and Communication has received some of the parking lots with lots of floating population in the Hongdae area (street parking lots 4m, 12m) Lounge’.

‘Xyndie’ is a term meaning ‘eXtra-ordinary Indie’. It will be called ‘Xyndie’ because it is designed as a concept of urban life that was born for Indie music. The Xyndie Ticket Lounge will be used as a small showcase space where indie bands can introduce new music to the public as well as function as a space where indie bands interact with each other.

The Xyndie Ticket Lounge is sponsored by the Game Culture Foundation, the NCsoft Software Foundation, and CJ E & M.

The Ticket Lounge (www.ticketlounge.co.kr) provides information on major live club performances in Hongdae area, ticket booking and ticket issuance. It will also serve as a tourist information center that provides information on various attractions and entertainment in the Hongdae area. Foreign tourists visiting Hongdae area will also be provided with English, Chinese and Japanese to get various performance information.

Yoon Hyun-shik, Director of Live Music Cultural Development Association, said, '’ Xyndie '’ is not a simple sculpture but a ‘living city Creature’ concept. “This is a place where you can get a lot of information related to indie bands as well as tourist information in nearby areas.” It is a space that can accommodate not only domestic audiences but also foreign tourists. " The website of ‘Xyndie’ is scheduled to be implemented in October, and ‘Xyndie’ will be available in English, Japanese and Chinese.

Xyndie is an interactive media architecture that allows users to participate in a smartphone app (XINDIE). Users can listen to indie music and sponsor indie bands through Xyndie’s own smartphone application. In addition, different functions are given according to the amount of connection of the smartphone application and the number of times the music is heard. It also has the right to operate the internal lighting of Xyndie directly.

Also, if you synchronize the media you created and selected with Xyndie, the media lighting and music you selected will be performed in actual buildings of Hongdae street. Musicians who want to perform at ‘Xyndie’ can contact the Live Music Cultural Development Association or apply for a performance by searching for ‘Xyndie’ directly. It is possible to showcase or bus-ride in front of ‘Xyndie’ through schedule coordination and mapo.

Those who visited Hongda showed a strong curiosity about Xyndie’s unique appearance and showed the expectation of the ticket lounge which appeared for the first time in Hongdae street.

The ‘Xyndie Ticket Lounge’ will go on sale from September 23rd. It runs from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. I look forward to the interest of the citizens in the ‘Xyndie Ticket Lounge’ which will greatly contribute to the development of HongDai Indy music culture.

Policy Reporter Kang Yunji

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