SCALe (Sustainable Computational Architecture Lab etc.) is an architectural design, IT and UX design company integrating the 4th industrial revolution technology into architecture such as AI, IoT, robotics, new media for sustainable future human habitat, founded by architect, Tesoc Hah.


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SCALe fuses art and technology of the 4th Industrial Revolution into architecture to maximize the spatial value of the project. We integrate physical world (atom) with information (bit). We multiplies space with time for flexibility and adaptability.

YTN Science Documentary S Prime [Evolving architecture design the future] - SCALe


  • Architectural Design
  • Smart Building Design & SI
  • Master Plan Design
  • Exhibition Design
  • New Media Art & Installation
  • Media & Kinetic Facade design & SI


Tesoc Hah

Founder & Principal
ARB(UK), RIBA, Architectural Association School of Architecture, UK

Ki-won Park

Partner, Registered Architect(KR)
Adj. Professor Sungkyunkwan University, KR

Moonsup Shin

Stratigic Director, Bain & Company
Seoul National University, KR

Jae-bum Park

Programming Advisor
CEO, Tenz

Eunhwan Van

Director of Operation
Parsons School of Design, US

Jin-won Seo

Director of Research
Registered Architect (FR), EHESS, FR

Jun-seok Park

Leader of Computational Design
Yonsei University, KR

Young-jin Cho

Leader of Design
Cardiff University, UK

Hyunsoo Kim

Leader of Technical Coordination
Hongik University, KR

Minhee Kim

PR Manager
City University New York, US

Seunggyu Cho

Hongik University, KR


- Cebu Cordova Project Masterplan

- IMhouse Living Lab
- Shinhan Bank Myeongdong Kinetic Building
- Namsan Commercial Building
- Sokcho Mountain Village
- Commax Exhibition Center
- Architecture Infinte Proliferating Geometry

- Paradise City Media Park
- Time Travel: Jeongdong 1900 Pai Chai University History Museum Architectural Projection Mapping
- Bio digital City exhibition
- Future House 2020 exhibition

- Pangyo Alphadome City facade design
- Kinetic Cloud, Hanam Power Station
- Scale Smart Home Development

- Scale Architects established
- National Children’s Science Museum
- Nodeul Island operational business the 1st stage competition selected
- Dongdaemun Design Plaza Park Sugeun exhibition design
- Jeonnam Art High School multi-purpose auditorium design
- Environment design of Hanam cogeneration plant

- Commendation from Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism
- Maker Center, National Asia Culture Center, Gwangju
- Jeonam Art School, Mokpo
- Pai Chai University History Museum Exhibition Design
- Time Travel: Jeongdong 1900 Pai Chai University History Museum Architectural Projection Mapping
- Nature + media Annuale

- Opening Exhibition of National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
- Korean representative of President’s Executive Committee of Korea-UK Creative Industry Forum
- Completion of Interactive Media Architecture Xindie
- Nature + media Annuale
- Exhibition of National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
- ARCO Museum Exhibition

- Established Scale Corporation
- Culture Station Seoul 284 opening exhibition
- LH Corporation Goduk Gangil Apartment competition selected
- Research on Korea Institute of Energy Research
- Exhibition of Changwon Asian Art Festival



  • Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning
  • Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
  • National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea
  • Asia Culture Center
  • Arts Council Korea
  • Korea Institute of Energy Research
  • Seoul Metropolitan Government
  • Seoul Design Foundation
  • LH Corporation
  • SK Planet
  • Alpha Dome City
  • Pai Chai University
  • Jeonnam Arts High School