Architecture Infinite Proliferating Geometry
YEAR  2018

<Architecture Infinite Proliferating Geometry> is the media work of architect Tesoc Hah (SCALe), that contains the components and building principles of the MMCA Deoksugung. The museum building is completed by geometric multiplication of a mathematical system centered on a 9m cubic hall. The artist dismantles architecture of the museum mathematically. The geometrical system proliferate and expands itself and generates new time and space. Instead of viewing the work, the audience enters the work and experiences the museum as architectural media space. The work is completed by the participation of spectator in the space of possibility at the boundary of matter and nonmaterial.

The exhibition consists of three parts. The first part shows the building principle of the architecture based on geometrical system. In the second part, it appears architectural elements and overturning of its materiality, and in the third part shows contents of the museum and unfold the museum of possibility.

Artist: Tesoc Hah is an architect and media artist. He won the Emerging Architect Award in 2006 and exhibited at the Venice Biennale, the National Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, Seoul. As the founder of the creative studio, SCALe, he is leading the change of the future city through architectural convergence of art and technology.

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