Collective Museum
YEAR  2012

The morphological variation and generation of the museum are determined by two parameters. The first is scale and the second is fractal differentiation. Collective Museum that are built together with the participation of the citizens are getting bigger in scale, and when they reach the allowable scale, fractal differentiation starts. This fractal differentiation acquires diversity through repetition and difference and increases the spatial organization complexity of the museum. This process of continuous variation and generation is same as the generative process of the museum, and is triggered whenever the participation of citizens takes place in , and relayed until the completion of the actual museum. The generative process of works is projected on the facade of the museum, as well as apps and interior exhibition halls, overlapping with the actual construction of the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. The ‘Collective Museum’ will be proliferated and differentiated in real time by the participation of the spectators, and the museum will be realized as a bottom-up. The spectators participate the exhibition by inputting information about their preferences. The participation of many people directly affects the shape and differentiation of the museum, which is the result of the exhibit. We will now share our experiences of designing museums together.

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