Converged 2106
YEAR  2006

This project is a master plan of Dongguk University, which has a history of 100 years, to prepare for the next 100 years. This is the design for the future. Here, the future of the campus is divided into three stages: the near future in 10 years, the slightly distant future in 30 years, and the future in 100 years. We have designed in stages the achievements of the near future and the achievements of the future in the next 100 years. Ultimately, 100 years later, the current campus will be disappeared and integrated into the Land Sculpture. Dongguk University will be integrated into Namsan as a whole. This integration starts with the convergence of different fields such as architecture, media, education and IT ventures.

Convergence refers to a phenomenon where two fields that were supposed to belong to another field are merged together for the purpose of creating greater utility, convergence occurs at two levels here. One is the convergence of the field (architecture / landscaping / art / media) and the other is the convergence of the programs (education / service and community / IT venture / dormitory). Currently, universities are divided into disciplines, and the relationship between disciplines is hard to find. The purpose of this master plan is to overcome this segmentality through convergence and ultimately achieve an integrated academic environment.