DDP Park Su-geun exhibition
YEAR  2015

DDP 박수근 50주기 기념특별전

Conventional art exhibitions take place in a white-cube space that isolates works from the context, but this exhibition began with the idea of representing the area where the artist was active as the context of space. Changshin-dong, where painter Park Su-geun lived and worked, forms the spatial context of the author’s world of artwork. He would be sitting on the floor of the house in Changsindong and looking at the mountains outside the window.

The exhibition design of the Park Soo-Keun exhibition is based on the spatial structure of Changsin - dong. If you enter the main exhibition hall after passing through a narrow passage, you can experience Park’s paintings floating in the space as wide as the mountain terrain of Changsin-dong. Then the visitor will stand at the birthplace of Park Soo-keun and watched the scenery of Changsin-dong made up of his works and watched the works as if he stroll through the alleys of Changsin-dong.