Differential Life Integral City
Collective Intelligence City
YEAR  2010

“A city is the integral place built by differential lives.” - Tesoc Hah

The city has been generated and transformed by people throughout time. Differential Life Integral City will realize this transformation in real time through people’s participation. If a small number of people participate in the exhibition, the city will be homogeneous as our current cities like Seoul. And as more people participate, the city will become differentiated to suit each individual’s lifestyle. When the total number of participants reaches the maximum density, the city will become fully differentiated and customized to every individual in the city. We call this kind of city the integral city. The exhibition will show this generating process of the city in real time. Every individual’s participation will contribute to the transformation of the city. During the exhibition period, visitors will be able to see the city change from a homogenous city to the integral city.

Participation is made possible through the use of smart phones within the exhibition room as well as anywhere in the world. People can input their own lifestyle information into the application and this will create their own customized housing unit as well as contribute to the formation of the city. The exhibition realize a continuously differentiated city through the participation of people in a “bottom-up” process. The massive participation of people will directly affect the urban form and differentiation as a result of the exhibition.

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