Duplex Apartment Prototype
YEAR  2007

The characteristic of Korean residential culture is the uniformity. This uniformity is attributable to the demand for goods that can be exchanged daily for housing products represented by apartments and the cost reduction of mass production. The improvement of the expectation of the general public about the quality of the residence and the development of the various preferences of the individual lead to the limit of conventional monolithic residential production.

We propose an alternative to this monolithic housing system and a duplex apartment complex to give an overcrowded apartment the character of an independent housing. This service consists of two stages. First stage is the product development stage and the the second stage is product application stage.The product development stage was developed to maintain the architectural quality even when applied to various sites when applying the product as a prototype system development.

Development directions for each type

The types of each unit focus on independence and diversity. Independence can be achieved between individual units and partial independence can be achieved between layers within a unit in the case of duplex. Diversity is implemented by a combination of several units in one house. These combinations are projected to the outside, so that the facade promotes diversity. It is also possible that the facade of every apartment in a complex can be changed.

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