IM house
YEAR  2018

IM house stands for Interactive Masscustomized House and at the same time it means ‘I am a house’.

Soon IM House recognizes that it is a house and shares emotional communication with the owner. It also has the ability to self-adjust and to transform and express oneself according to the owner’s lifestyle.

IM house is equipped with a context-aware artificial intelligence system.

It communicates with the owner before the house is built, understands the propensity and situation of the landlord, and designs a house that is optimized for him. When a house is built, IM house collects the owner’s lifestyle as data and adjusts it to the house in realtime optimized state. Sometimes they offer suggestions and the owner changes the function of the house according to his needs.

IM house keeps track of the demands of the owner, then plays the settings in a similar context and fits in more closely with the owner’s taste. Over time, IM house evolves into a part of the owner’s life by better understanding the owner and sharing emotional sympathy with the owner, like an old butler.

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