Legend of the Blue River
YEAR  2016


#TheLegendOfTheBlueRiver is a public art project that returns myths and legends to the citizens of Seoul. This work will bring citizens imagination and fantasy in a barren city.

Citizens come across the animals in fantasy in their everyday city. The images of fantasy animals that someone accidentally encounters spread through the SNS. A new story is made to the citizens of Seoul by the animals in the fantasy that are discovered every day.

The legendary animals

The legendary animals living in various parts of the Han River are blue dragon, black turtle, red phoenix, monster serpent, narwhal, giraffe, phoenix, three-legged crow.


One module consists of a solar panel, a LED at the bottom, and a reflector. Solar panels rise above the surface of the water to absorb sunlight during the day, and the light sensor turns on the LED at night. The light shines a reflective plate that is submerged in water and creates a light shadow above the surface of the water. The modules are connected to each other via network, creating a single large shape generated by light shadow. One type has a module with a motor, so it can be relocated by itself during the day. (However, connect the rope to the bridge column or fixture so as not to drift away.)

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