Nature + Media Annuale
YEAR  2014

Nature and Media Annuale public art can be defined as a creation to pursue convergence of architecture, art, and science that reflects nature actively through kinetic and interactive public art using natural phenomena(wind, ocean, temperature, energy, etc.) by public participation. In addition, these works can be installed and exhibited practically in one area to provide visitors with various sensory experiences about nature. It has a nature of public art that is a type of installation in which the artist ‘s interpretation of nature is applied to the physical system and media artistic expression. In addition to the characteristics of the installation artworks, it is an interface that enables physical and non-physical communication with the general public by giving the public artistic character to the works, and it is an extended media type that can convey the intention to express more.

The public nature of this project is to treat the area of nature that we can not perceive in everyday life as the theme of expression and to provide visitors with external stimulation through artistic expression of nature and energy using our various senses, and is to raise awareness and to change behavior.