Haechi Light
YEAR  2009

Hatchlight is a modern interpretation of the four main gates of Seoul. The road is where there is a constant flow of vehicles. This flow is slowed, accelerated, and at different speeds over time. It is also a visually dynamic place where many lights flow. The gate of Seoul responds to this flow and speed and becomes a place for a new urban experience. The entrance gate of Seoul becomes the place to experience the place experience beyond the visual landmark of the gates.

This gate responds to the speed of the vehicle flow by time zone, changing the LED DISPLAY. The faster the vehicles speed, the faster it breathe. The slower the speed, the slower it breathe. Breathing shows gradual changes of turning on and off of LED lights. Hatchlight recognizes that a vehicle has entered Seoul through its experience of passing through the Hatch Lighten Zone of 125m. The experience of passing through the hatchlight is experienced at 5.6 seconds at 80 km/hour speed and 15 seconds at 30 km/hour speed. in addition, by passing through the Hatch Lighten Zone drivers contribute to energy production.